3-Yard Vilene - 30 Inches Wide

3-Yard Vilene - 30 Inches Wide

The 3-Yard Vilene is a remarkable embroidery supply that stands out for its exceptional performance. Manufactured by Freudenberg, a global leader in quality products, Vilene is a water-soluble stabilizer that surpasses traditional wash-away options. Unlike most wash-aways, Vilene resembles fabric, not a film, enhancing the overall quality of your embroidery projects. Its water-solubility ensures effortless removal using either warm or cold water, and typically, a single layer suffices, preventing unnecessary bulk in your designs.

Moreover, Vilene boasts stability in both directions, preventing stretching and distortion of your embroidery work. What's more, it's odor-free, making it an ideal choice for delicate tasks like lace making, quilting, and appliqué. With a generous width of 30 inches, it offers versatility and convenience. Best of all, shipping within the Continental USA is included, adding to its overall value. Elevate your embroidery game with 3-Yard Vilene—order now to experience the difference.

$11.25 Each

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